Protect your website with the SSL certificate

Thanks to Witei you can have a secure and better positioned page with the SSL certificate

Why have a secure website?

For a few years, it has been imposed on the entire internet that websites must be protected by means of encryption between the client and the server. We are not going to get too technical, since that is exactly what we intend to avoid at Witei: that you have to worry about the technical aspects of your CRM or website.

Suffice it to say that when you browse the internet, certain pages appear with a green padlock next to the URL.

This means that all the information that you send or receive on that website is encrypted and protected by secure encryption. If you send passwords, customer data, credit cards, etc. no malicious attacker who is “listening” to your communication with said page will be able to see the data you are handling.

certificado ssl
certificado ssl para una web segura

Is it important to have the SSL certificate?

It is vital. So much so that companies like Google have begun to mark sites that do not have this level of security as potentially dangerous, showing danger messages to visitors to those websites. In addition, they penalize the positioning of your website, making it not appear among the first results, with the consequent negative effect for your company.

With Witei you don't have to worry about anything

Well, as simple as always: give you all the work done. With other providers, you probably either don’t have this option or you start to get dizzy with terms like “digital certificate” or “256-bit encryption”. At Witei we care about you, so your only concern is to sell more.

From the moment you have a website with us, we will give you the SSL certificate.

webs seguras con Witei
¿Es lo mismo HTTPS que SSL?

Is SSL the same as HTTPS?

At the beginning of the URLs you can see many times that they start with HTTPS.

It means that your website is protected with the SSL certificate and is secure.

In fact, if you click on where to put HTTPS or on the padlock you will see information about which SSL certificate the web uses.

Convey confidence and make more sales online

When paying, if a person observes that the werb is not secure, it is very likely that they will not enter their payment method and will not make the purchase. On the other hand, if you see that it is safe, you will have enough confidence to make the purchase.

transmite confianza con el certificado SSL en tu web
protege la información de tu clientes con el SSL

Protect your clients' information

With SSL, user names, passwords and any form in which personal data is requested will be completely secure.

Your clients will be protected.

Improve your SEO positioning

To promote safety on the Internet, Google gives more priority to pages that have SSL. It rewards them by improving their rankings.

On the contrary, it penalizes those who do not have SSL, and Google can even automatically put a message prior to accessing the web: “This web page is not secure”

mejora el posicionamiento seo de tu eb eon el SSL

Wherever you are, your website will be safe

It does not matter which browser you use or the device from which you access your website. You will always have the SSL certificate. Your page will always be safe.

Get your website today with SSL certificate

With Witei you only have to worry about designing the best website for your business. We will give you the SSL certificate without you having to do anything.

tu web hoy más segura que nunca