Sales funnel

How to control the entire sales process of your business

What is the sales funnel?

The sales funnel or sales funnel are the stages that a person goes through until they reach a final goal set by the business.

Some examples of objectives that a business may have are: To buy a product, hire a service or register on the web.

Depending on the stage each person is in, the company will have a different communication and marketing strategy.

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Stages of the sales funnel

Normally a funnel is divided into four stages:

  1. Prospects: they are the people who find you through some means, for example Google or have a first contact with the business.
  2. Contacts: are those people who once they know you begin to be interested in you.
  3. Qualified potential customers: they have a real interest in your product or service. What they are seeing fits their needs and they are very close to reaching the final goal
  4. Conversion: the person ends up reaching the goal you have set and…. Congratulations! He is now your client.


But neither the name of the stages, nor the number of stages are an exact formula. Depending on the needs and objectives of your company, you can create your own funnel.

Why use a sales funnel?

  • With a sales funnel you “force” yourself to set goals. The objectives in a business are necessary to measure the strategies carried out.
  • You will better plan the organization of work and organization of the teams.
  • You will improve the tracking of potential customers for maximum conversion. You will generate more results for your business!
  • A funnel helps you push the sales process.
  • It helps you analyze your strategy and keep improving.


A sales funnel helps you create a need. Convert that need into potential clients. To qualify potential clients and convert qualified clients into sales.

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Customize your funnels with Witei

With the Witei CRM you can customize your sales funnel however you want. You can have all the stages you want and name them according to your strategies.

Move each contact through the different stages in a single click.

Every time you work with any of your clients, you will quickly know what stage they are in.

You can also get a list of your contacts according to the stage you want. You will work at each stage of the funnel in a unique and organized way.

Funnels for each team

If you want to go a step further (in fact, this is quite common) each team can have its own funnel. Like the sales team, the marketing team and customer service. Each team adapts the funnel to its objectives and strategies.

For example:

  • The goal of the sales team is for you to hire a product or service.
  • The goal of the marketing team is to get the person interested in the business.
  • And the goal of the support team is based on customer retention.
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Meet your contacts

As a person progresses through the sales funnel, you learn more information about them: such as their needs and interests.

With that information you will know if you qualify or not. You will also know if you are focusing your strategies well to attract the largest possible number of potential clients.

Analyze your processes

With a sales funnel, you can analyze where in your entire strategy you win or lose more customers. You will continue to improve to boost your sales.