Position, attract customers and convert

With Witei's marketing software, your marketing team will have everything they need to find the right customers.

Personalized website

Create a website to attract leads. Customize the images, colors, texts, sections … Without knowing anything about design you can create a unique and responsive website that you can boost to the first search results.

Design content marketing strategies with the blog to reach your ideal buyer.

Measure web traffic with Witei reports and connect Google Analytics in a single click.

web personalizada y de fácil uso para el equipo de marketing
campañas de email sms y por goteo con el CRM de Witei

Turn potential customers into happy customers

Run email or SMS campaigns to convert customers.

Drag and drop elements to design content. Too easy!

You can measure the CTR of each campaign to keep improving and get more customers.

Automate email campaigns to send on the days you choose.

You will leave marketing on automatic pilot!

Improve communication with your customers

With Witei you can save and segment your contact list based on their interests. You can further personalize the messages and enhance the relationship with each client.

listado de contactos organizados con los que llevar un mayor seguimiento en marketing
embudos de ventas para los equipos de marketing.

Win more opportunities

Create your own conversion funnel to analyze the flow of leads. You will know in which stage you win more clients.

Learn more about funnels.

Get the maximum productivity out of your day

Organize your day with an agenda that will remind you every day what tasks you have pending. You can also see the availability of your colleagues and what tasks they have to do.

You will have your own online booking calendar so that no task overlaps you. You will save hundreds of emails!

recordatorio de tareas para que no se te olvide hacer nada en tu equipo de marketing
métricas para medir todo lo que haces en marketing

Improve productivity

Set monthly goals to improve performance. You will improve your focus and focus on the most important tasks to keep growing

With software for your marketing team you will get: