Convert opportunities into returning customers

Witei supports you in the relationship with your clients with the tools you need:
CRM, sales, marketing and customer service

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Organize your business with Witei's CRM

All the tools you need to sell and manage clients you will find in our CRM.

Some of those tools are:

Email and SMS campaigns,
Custom sales funnels,
Incident manager
Online appointment booking calendar.

In addition, you can manage all your information from a single place, automate processes and analyze everything that happens in your business.

Witei is responsive

Manage your business wherever you are and anywhere. It works for any device.

A CRM for your teams

Your sales, marketing and customer service teams will have specific tools.

Measure and keep growing

Control everything that happens in your business. Measure the results and keep growing.

Hook your customers from the first moment

Witei allows you to securely record all the information of your clients, new or old. A single place to store all your contact information, documents, notes, etc. Always available to make your work easier.

witei crm

Strengthen customer relationships

A happy customer is a returning customer. In Witei you will find the conversations tool to achieve it. You can talk to any client and know if the messages you send are read or not thanks to the double check.

You will have more opportunities to turn a conversation into a potential customer.

Make the most of your day

Take control of everything that happens in your business and make the most of your day with daily planning.

You can also see the availability of your colleagues to organize yourself. Thanks to the online booking calendar, no task will overlap you. In addition, you will receive daily notices and reminders every day so that nothing is left undone. Manage your business without complications.

Witei CRm agenda
witei crm tareas

Get loyal customers

Do not lose details of anything that happens with your customers and your products or services. Keep track of calls, contacts, emails sent and tasks performed.

In addition, based on the interests that each person has, you will be able to see the opportunities that best suit them.

Increase sales

Automate marketing campaigns segmented by the interests of your customers. Send news, talk about your brand, promote your products or services. With Witei you can send email, drip and SMS campaigns.

In addition, you will be able to see the results of them to know how they have worked. Collect and measure the success of each campaign you do and improve your sales.

Witei CRM aumenta las ventas

Witei grows with you

Witei adapts perfectly to the size of your business. Our tools and fees are flexible. From freelancers to SMEs with several offices and work teams of dozens of people.

You can create as many workspaces as you need, and give custom permissions to your team.

Redirect your customers and don't let them get away

Analyzing why your customers do not return is a complicated process. Witei offers you a funnel tool with stages that you can customize to quickly detect that it is not working in your business.

witei crm embudo de conversión
witei crm pequeño

Keep your customers close

We have developed a CRM with all the tools you need to manage your business. With CRM you will increase day-to-day productivity without complications.

You can sell from anywhere, be it an online or physical business. Collect all the information, analyze and drive your business to success.

Your brand 100% online

Give life to your business with an online website. Choose how your brand will be displayed and enhance its visibility.

Witei will accompany you with the necessary tools so that you can reach anyone, retain and have them contact you or buy with you.

witei crm online
witei crm testimonio

Managing my business now is very comfortable. I do not lose detail of everything that happens and I can make my clients happy. Wherever you are!

Witei has given me the opportunity to grow and organize my business without complications. It is an essential tool for me.

Laura / Doble Póster

We help you on your way

At Witei you will be accompanied by our customer service team. You can write to us whenever you want and we will help you with any questions you have.

Frequent questions

Yes. Witei has a 100% free tier. If you want to continue improving your tools, you can see the different plans we have.

From the moment you create the account, you can start using all the Witei tools.

On the other hand, you have to import your information to Witei. You can do it in two ways:

Manually, that is, go one by one uploading your contacts and products or services.
Or in bulk through a csv or XML file.

Depending on the time you spend uploading your information and how much information you have in general, it will take more or less time.

Yes, your data will be completely safe. If you want to see all the security we use, click here: Witei security.

And for you to stay even calmer, whenever you want, you can download a backup with all your information from Witei.

When you need it, you can unsubscribe from Witei in a single click. We will keep the information for you for 30 days in case, during that period of time, you would like to return.