The live chat that will change your website

Add a free chat to your website to talk with your contacts in real time. Solve your doubts and needs at the right time.

Reduce response time

Responding in the moment will give you more chances to land a sale.

Improve customer service

Make your client loyal at the moment by answering their doubts and questions. You will get more sales in the moment.

Turn every message into a returning customer

With Witei you will have a chat connected with sales, marketing and customer service tools. Because a chat is only the beginning of a relationship between business and customer.

Receive all your messages in one place

You will have the information at hand for each client. You can use message templates, send images, documents, emoticons, leave private notes. You will know who you are talking to at all times!

Each contact will have their own file

Cada vez que un contacto te escribe por el chat, se guardará su ficha con toda su información. ¡Sin que tengas que hacer nada! Esto te permitirá llevar un seguimiento detallado de cada persona. 

Keep the relationship with your contacts more alive than ever

Send personalized SMS, email and drip campaigns to your contacts. Measure the results and keep improving with each campaign to get more customers.

Do you have a difficult conversation?

Manage it with tickets that help you give it the priority it needs. You will solve problems quickly and agilely.

A web chat that adapts to any web

You can put the Witei chat on any web page, whether made to measure, or from any service such as WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, Wix etc.

Business with Witei Live Chat


and yours?

testimonio del chat web gratis

"With the Witei chat we convert 8 out of 10 contacts into sales"

Communication with contacts is an essential part of our business. The best part of Witei web chat is that it gives us the opportunity to convert a message into a customer. Now 8 out of 10 messages turn into sales.
Pablo Ortíz