Customer service software

A software with which your customer service team is more agile and productive

Relations between client and company have changed

A customer who has had a good experience with customer service will choose you, recommend you and leave you good opinions on the Internet. All of this will also help you to get new clients.

With Witei’s customer service software, you will turn casual customers into loyal customers of the brand and whom you can trust. A loyal customer is a customer who will stay with you for a long time and who is willing to invest more in you.

haz que los clientes estén felices con el software de atención al cliente de witei
ten una comunicación rápida y resolutiva para ayudar a los clientes

Good customer service increases sales

Customer service teams need to have a positive attitude, a great sense of responsibility and sufficient training to help the customer better understand the product or service. It is a receptive team, that is, customers are the ones who contact this team and not the other way around. Therefore, organization, speed of response and a high capacity for problem solving are basic skills that they must have.

Lean on tools that facilitate work

Having Witei’s customer service software will give your team the tools to:

  • Control the entire customer satisfaction process.
  • Speed ​​up the resolution of incidents and deal with the client.
  • They will have all the information organized in one place.

Tendrás herramientas como: sistema de ticketing, fichas de clientes, embudos personalizados, conversaciones y campañas de email automáticas. 

All this focused on speeding up the resolution of problems.

organiza toda la información con el software de atención al cliente de witei
crea tickets para agilizar la resolución de problemas

Ticketing system

All incidents can be managed through tickets. The tickets are stored in the file of each client so that you know at all times with whom you are talking.

You can assign managers to help resolve the incident by speeding up response time and setting a priority.

By marking different priorities you will be able to organize yourself better and establish which tickets to start with.

The tickets will also have two parts:

  • Internal notes: to leave comments to a colleague or for you to remember an important aspect
  • Public communication: so that you can directly talk to the client. Without having to go to the mail.

All the problems that come to you will be escalated and managed through tickets. In this way it will be very easy to speed up its resolution.

See more information about ticketing system

los tickets se quedan guardados en la ficha de cada contacto para que no se te olvide quién es

All the information in one place

In addition to the ticketing system, you will have all your information in one place. Your entire team will be able to work together and will have all the necessary information to carry out their work more effectively.

You can see all the contact information and know all the activities that have been carried out.

In this way, every time a client contacts the business again, in a matter of one click, you will be able to see all their information to put yourself in context and work more effectively.

crea embudos personalizados con los que mejorar tu estrategias

Custom funnels

In addition to an incident manager, with Witei, your customer service team will have a personalized funnel with which to carry out their strategies.

With the funnel, they can divide their processes into different stages to achieve a final goal. Some of the most frequent objectives are:

The speed of the response.
customer satisfaction index.
Time to close incidents.
Quality of responses.

no te dejes tareas por hacer con el crm de witei

Organize the day with the agenda

Each member of the customer service team will have their agenda to make the most of their day.

They will be able to create tasks and assign it to clients. A task assigned to a client will also be saved in their file. Therefore, whatever tool you are in, you will not forget any task.

Online booking calendar

So that each member of the customer service team can be better organized and the hours of calls with customers do not overlap, you can use your own online booking calendar.

It is a calendar that you can create with the range of hours that are available. So customers can reserve the time that suits them best.

Each selected hour will no longer be available, so your appointments will not overlap.

In case you cannot attend the reservation, you can assign it to another colleague.

See more information about the online appointment booking calendar.

calendario de reserva de citas que puedes encontrar en el software de atención al cliente
haz campañas de email automatizadas para fidelizar a los clientes

Make automatic email campaigns

The mail is still one of the most effective means.

With Witei your team can make drip email campaigns that will be sent automatically on the days you want and to a group of people you select.

Some campaigns that are usually sent are:

To request feedback from customers.
Follow-up emails for a better adaptation of the client.
Emails in which the service is explained.
Follow-up emails for customers who have not finished checking out.

You can see the results of each campaign to know how effective they are and keep improving.

Also, each response that comes to you from customers will reach the customer service software. So you can respond in the moment.

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