CRM: plans and prices

No registration fee or permanence. 15-day money back guarantee.


  • Cuenta sin límite de tiempo
  • 500 contactos activos
  • 2 documentos / contacto
  • 1 embudo de contactos
  • 50 emails / mes
  • SMS: no
  • Google Calendar: No
  • 1 evento activo de citas
  • Chat en vivo para tu web
  • 1 diseño de landing page


/mes* + IVA
  • 5.000 contactos
  • 10 documentos / contacto
  • 3 embudos de contactos
  • 2.500 emails / mes
  • 20 SMS / mes
  • Google Calendar: Sí
  • 3 eventos activos de citas
  • Chat en vivo para tu web
  • 20 diseños de landing page


/mes* + IVA
  • 25.000 contactos
  • 50 documentos / contacto
  • 10 embudos de contactos
  • 10.000 emails / mes
  • 50 SMS / mes
  • Google Calendar: Sí
  • 10 eventos activos de citas
  • Chat en vivo para tu web
  • 100 diseños de landing page


/mes* + IVA
  • 40.000 contactos
  • 50 documentos / contacto
  • 20 embudos de contactos
  • 25.000 emails / mes
  • 100 SMS / mes
  • Google Calendar: Sí
  • 20 eventos activos de citas
  • Chat en vivo para tu web
  • 100 diseños de landing page

What do all the plans include?

Contact management

Your secure database in the cloud. Save, manage and keep track of all your contacts.

History of changes

Keep track of all calls, tasks and messages exchanged with the contact.

Inciden Manager

Create and manage tickets based on the cases that occur with your contacts. Assign a person responsible and a priority to expedite the resolution of the case. See details.

Appointment calendar

Create your own appointment calendars and share it with your contacts. Meeting the contacts will become a simple task. Ver detalles.

Custom funnels

Crea embudos con diferentes etapas por las que tiene que pasar tu contacto antes de cumplir un objetivo que te marques. También tienes informes de métricas de cada embudo.  See details.

SMS campaigns

Send messages automatically to your contacts via SMS.


Manage messages with customers through chat. Share message templates, images, documents, your appointment calendars, etc. Streamline conversations with each customer. See details.

Live chat for your website

Put a live chat on your website. Communicate in real time with your visitors and solve their doubts at the moment See details


Organize all your activities, projects, calls, meetings and reminders with the Witei calendar. You will know what activities to focus on at all times. See details.

Smart Inbox

Smart Inbox automatically records the contacts that arrive from an external source in your CRM. Create the contact sheet and leave it ready to start working. Ver detalles.

Email marketing campaigns

Design professional emails in minutes. You can use the templates that Witei offers you or use your own. See details.

Drip campaigns

Design a chain of emails to be sent to contacts automatically. See details.

* Indirect taxes applicable according to contract.
** Rates valid according to the hiring date.
*** Check specific conditions with our team

Need more? Let`s talk!
Witei works with companies that manage tens of thousands of processes … If these plans do not cover your needs, we have dynamic rates. Ask us.

Frequently asked questions

No, there is no installation cost. There is also no cost to unsubscribe, nor any hidden extra costs. You can see all the prices we offer in the different plans.

Cancel your account at any time from the billing area of ​​your account. After canceling, you will be able to continue using your plan until the end of the current billing period.

Once you hire Witei you can start using all the tools that are included in the plan at the moment. No waiting.

The receipt arrives at the moment of making the payment. That is, you pay in advance. For example, if you contract Witei on November 1, the next invoice would be due on December 2.

No. You can see all the prices in each corresponding package.

You can choose between two payment methods: credit card or direct debit.

We accept all major credit cards including: VISA, Mastercad, Unionplay, Discover.

Paypal is not accepted as a payment method.

You can change the payment method at any time. For example, if you start by choosing direct debit and the second month you want to change it to a credit card, you can do it without any problem 🙂

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan whenever you want from your account settings.

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We want Witei! It helps us every day so that nothing is overlooked. It is the most complete

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Constant updates

We frequently update our tools and release new ones. Many of which are requests from our clients

Content for your business

We constantly create content that will help you get the most out of Witei's tools. We make articles, videos and courses focused on teaching you how to boost your business.