The online agenda to manage your work

Organize your day-to-day work with the Witei CRM online agenda.

Get the maximum productivity out of your day

With the Witei work schedule you can organize all your activities: projects, calls, meetings, reminders, etc.

You will know what activities to focus on at all times, improving work organization.

filtrar tareas

Filter tasks

With the filters you will be able to see the tasks organized by type, date, assigned to another person, created etc.

For example: imagine that you want to know all the meetings you have for next week.

You will be able to organize yourself better and keep track of all the tasks that you have scheduled.

Connect the agenda with Google Calendar

You will be able to connect your Google Calendar with the Witei calendar in three simple steps.

So you will have the best of both worlds:

  • With Calendar you will have notifications on all your devices
  • With Witei you will have the ease of managing your information
gestión de clientes
gestión de clientes

Interactive agenda

The agenda is integrated into the CRM so you can assign clients that you already have saved.

From the agenda itself, you can go directly to the client to see their complete file and vice versa.

From the client file you will be able to see the tasks that you have programmed with him.

Get organized with your team

You will have the planning view with which you can see the agenda of your colleagues.

With this view you can organize with your colleagues and create tasks in your free spaces.

crear tareas en Witei es muy sencillo y te evitara conflictos con tareas existentes

You will not have two activities at the same time

Sometimes it happens that we overlap activities without realizing it.

With Witei it does not happen. Conflicts with existing tasks are detected, so you never put two activities at the same time.

Daily reminders

Every day you will receive an email with the tasks that you have to do and the ones that you have delayed. So that none are forgotten.

You will also be notified via a desktop notification when:

  • 10 minutes before starting homework.
  • You have a new task or a colleague assigns you one.