Real estate software: used by more than 18,000 professionals

Promote, give visibility to your properties and attract more clients wherever you are.

With Witei’s real estate software you will have all your information in one place, you will take control of the agency and you will gain more sales opportunities.

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You need Witei if:

Tell me if this sounds to you ...

Throughout the day, you work with a lot of information: properties, prices, offers, documents, references, etc. And you don’t have time to manage everything because you have hours in the day.

Visits, notaries, calls, emails … In the morning you have to delay the recruitment of owners because you spend more than an hour responding to customers who come from the portals. Or a client interested in a home calls you but at the moment you are on the street and you do not remember exactly what floor it was. You spend entire mornings drafting down payment contracts or visiting parties … In the end, you feel that the days have no end.

With Witei you can manage your entire portfolio of properties from a single place. Store photos, documents, contracts, create storefront posters or download guest reviews in seconds.

You can continue working on your portfolio of properties wherever you are. You will get more out of your day.

What will you find in Witei?

More than 18,000 independent real estate agents are using Witei’s real estate software. You too can benefit from all the tools that you will find for free.

Real estate portals: be the first to have your ads published

50% of the time, clients stay with the first real estate agency that contacts them. With your homes in real estate software you can publish on the real estate portals that you have contracted at the same time. You will be the first to arrive and your ads will be ready to receive potential interested customers.

With Witei you can have the fastest, safest and most reliable synchronization with portals in the entire market. We get an average of 15 minutes of update with the portals.

These are the portals you will find: Fotocasa,, Habitaclia, Rightmove, Zoopla, Yaencontré, Kyero, Trovimap, Realo, Kasaz, Thinkspain, Todopisos, LuxuryEstate, Jamesedition, Goplaceit, Globaliza, Todopisos, A plece in the sun , 1001 portales, tucasa, Green Acres, Mootz, Costa del home, Hogaria, Domaza, Movespain, MoveAgain, Inmovario, Housephere.

Your ads published in the best way

So that your properties have more visibility in real estate portals, with Witei you will have a quality report for each ad that goes from 0% to 100%, the higher the percentage, the more complete your ad will be and the better positioned it will be.

We will also help you detect possible publication errors so that your homes are published properly. From Witei you can directly access the published ad so that you can see how it is published at all times.

Smart inbox: Each client is a new opportunity to close a deal

With your homes published on different portals and on your real estate website, you end up receiving many requests from clients to visit or receive more information about the home.

It is inevitable that sometimes we forget to respond to an email or that at that moment you are making a visit and you cannot respond in a couple of hours. To win more business opportunities.

With the Witei real estate software you will have, smart inbox. Your virtual coordinator who will collect all the demands for you, will leave them saved with your information and the matching of demands made. It will be ready for you to start working with the client. And if you want, you can send a first informative email with the information of the home that the client has requested.

Be the first

Personalized automatic responses, suggesting more similar properties that may interest you.

The best listing sites

We have gateways with portals so that you don't have to do anything.

Automatic demands

The cards will be created automatically with the interests of your client.

Do not lose anything

It converts the contacts of the portals into demand cards automatically.

Crossing of demands: Get happy customers

Many times it happens that when you are talking to a client, you realize that the property for which he has requested information does not interest him. At the moment you do not remember other homes that you may have in your portfolio to offer. You end up hanging up the call and it is very likely that you will not contact her again.

With Witei’s crossover of demands, you will be able to see other properties that you have in your portfolio that might interest you when you talk to a client. You will be able to suggest them and keep track of all its stages to offer you the best experience until you find the house you were looking for.

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Storefront Signs: First Impression Counts

How long does it take to make a poster for your shop window? What if I told you that in less than two clicks you can make one with Witei? An empty storefront does not attract customers.

In Witei you can generate as many posters as you want for your showcase. You will have different designs. Choose the one you like the most and voila! you will have a gleaming showcase.

All the information you need in one place. This is how the property file looks like


Use custom titles and references for each property.

Share the property on social networks.

Organize your portfolio in stages, from “news” or “prospect” to “sold” or “inactive” status.

Upload photos without limits, with the highest quality. You will be able to label them, apply effects to them, organize them and rotate them.

You will have at a glance the data of the property owner, who will have his own independent file. As well as the possible fees, collaborators, responsible and private notes.

Review the quality of the ad you’ve created and get tips to improve it.

Organize your demand crossings, signaling those interested and discarded on the results of our suggestion engine.

Publish with one click on all real estate portals.


At a glance you can see all the visits you have scheduled.

Below the visits you will see all offers of the property and who has made it. If you click on the person with the offer, you will go to their file directly.

Below the offers you will be able to see the description of the property in all the languages ​​that you have translated.

Rest of characteristics of the property.

Tags: are the most important characteristics of the property.

In the right column you can see the activity history.

Upload and save all the documents related to the house. You will always have them at hand.

You can quickly see where it is located. Also, if you click on how to get there, “Google Mpas will open. You can put the address where you are so that Google can tell you how to get to the property.

Advanced filters: Work with the properties you need

With Witei you can create listings of your properties based on characteristics that they have in common. You can do it through filters.

Examples of real estate listings:

  • All the properties with which a specific advisor is working.
  • All properties that are for rent for a price lower than € 1,500 / month

Listing will help you:

  • Work with the properties you need at all times.
  • Carry out specific sales and marketing campaigns to interested clients.
  • You will take control of all your properties.

Property management: Information is power

With Witei’s real estate software you can manage all the information about your properties and access them whenever you want.

You can track each stage until the sale, upload documents, generate contracts, see the available offers. Generate detailed files, magazines, property price assessments.

You will see all the history of activities that have been carried out and who is working with it. Nothing will escape you. You will know at all times which homes you are working with.

Look what they say ...

We are a small real estate agency but with more than 40 years old and we have been adapting our management and our technology as the years have passed, but no such significant leap in the optimization of our management as working with Witei. The closeness and kindness of all Witei staff have meant a much more than important change in our daily management capacity.
Pedro del valle
Real estate manager
Excellent CRM. we recommend it 100%. We have been with them for a year now and the result is highly satisfactory. Its use is very intuitive, even for those who are not so familiar with computers. Another thing that caught us is that it is a CRM in constant evolution. Numerous have been the improvements introduced this year.
Laura García
Real estate


Witei’s Real Estate software is a completely free tool.

Other tools that may also interest you

Real estate CRM

With the CRM you can manage all your potential customers.

Follow them up from the moment they contact you until you close a deal.

Make the most of your day with an agenda that will notify you every day of the tasks that you have pending.

Run marketing campaigns to attract new customers and see the results to keep improving.

Take control of everything that happens in your real estate with the CRM.

Web inmobiliaria

Enjoy different designs that you can customize to give life to your real estate. You will get new potential clients to find you.

Show your properties, create a blog, put on a customer service chat.

Your website will be your showcase and the first contact of many potential clients with your real estate. Make everyone who finds you have the best experience with your page.

Without knowing design you can create a unique website.

Frequent questions

Witei’s real estate software is 100% free. We want to help you grow and that is why we give you the tools that you will use the most for free. lAs you grow and you need more options for your real estate, you can see other products such as CRM.

From the first moment you create the account, you can use all the tools included in the real estate software. On the other hand, when you create the account, you have to import your properties, configure the real estate portals and your account to get the most out of it. We will help you in this process, but it also depends on the time you dedicate each day. We estimate that this process can take between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the size of your property portfolio.

Being free real estate software it has no permanence. You can stop using your account whenever you want. Although if you stop using it, we will miss you.