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With the Witei email marketing software you will be able to do drip and email campaigns. Automate them, see the results and keep improving your campaigns.

What are drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns are a sequence of emails that are scheduled to be sent whenever you want.

It also has other names: drip marketing or automated email campaigns. But the concept remains the same.

It will be how to leave marketing on automatic pilot and they will help you increase your sales opportunities by 20%.

They are very personalizable and are very focused on a specific group of people.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

drip marketing
drip marketing vs cold email

How is a drip campaign different from an email campaign?

Email campaigns are a single email that you send at any given time to a group of contacts.

The problem with email campaigns is that the new contacts you have will not see the first emails you have sent.

On the other hand, with drip campaigns you define a series of minimum characteristics that the group of people you want to focus on must meet.

In this way, each new contact that meets these characteristics will immediately enter the drip campaign.

For example: You have a drip campaign whose first welcome email is scheduled to be sent on the first day a person signs up for your website.

Each person who registers on your website will automatically receive the welcome email.

Drip campaigns are used by sales teams, marketing teams, and customer service.

When are drip campaigns sent?

Drip campaigns can be scheduled to be sent on the days you want.

Although they can also be programmed to be sent through the actions made by the contacts.

For example: You want the emails to be sent as the contact opens them. The action would be to open the mail. Every time the contact opens an email, the next one will be sent.

Once the drip campaign is launched, all emails will be sent automatically. It will be like going on autopilot!

drip marketing

How does it work

1. Define the intent of the campaign

Here are some cases in which they use drip marketing campaigns:

  • Welcome campaign.
  • Campaign to nurture potential clients and explain why you are their best option.
  • Campaign to retain customers.
  • Campaigns to send them educational content.
  • For shopping cart abandonments

The first step in creating a drip campaign is choosing your intent.

drip marketing

2. Create your group of contacts

The second step is to create a group of contacts that share the same characteristics. This group of contacts is also called a segment.

With Witei you can create all the contact groups you want.

Once you have created a customer segment, you have to create the campaign, which is the third step.

3. Create the drip campaign

At Witei we give you the tools you need to make your drip campaigns come true. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping items.

You will create professional emails in minutes.

drip marketing

Use professional designs

You can create your email from scratch or use the professional designs that we offer you.

You will create professional emails in minutes.

drip marketing

Get to know your audience better with statistics

With Witei you will be able to know which campaign is working and which is not. In real time you will see the open rate, the clicks to the links, and the average compared to your sector.

You will have all the results in one place and you will know what works best to keep improving in each campaign.

Collect emails through your website

With the Witei website you can collect the emails of everyone who contacts you and use them in your campaigns.

The emails will be saved in the CRM automatically. You will have them on hand whenever you need them.

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Keep track of all your contacts

With Witei’s marketing software, you can also keep track of all your contacts. Each contact will have its own file so that at all times you know who they are and all the tasks that you have carried out with that person.

Wherever you are create your campaigns

With the Witei application you can create and continue doing drip marketing campaigns. Plus, all the campaigns you run are designed to look good on any device.

Start today to boost your campaigns with Witei

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