Sales software: enhace and measure your deals

Which of my emails works best? What was the last thing I spoke to my client? Has he seen my email? These are some of the questions that sales teams ask themselves on a daily basis. With Witei you will have all the tools your sales team needs to manage your client portfolio without complications.

Focus on sales opportunities without forgetting prospects

With the Witei sales software, your team will be able to organize their clients through the stages they go through before buying a product or service.

In this way, you will have greater control of how each sale is progressing and will give the appropriate follow-up for each stage.

It will also help them to analyze where in the process they lose or gain more customers. You will improve sales processes by reducing the sales cycle of customers.

Schedule more meetings with clients

Each person on the sales team will be able to have their own availability calendar so that customers can book an appointment: for a product demo, a meeting or for an interested customer who has questions. You choose when they can book you an appointment and for what. You will save hundreds of unnecessary emails and calls.

All the people who book an appointment for you will automatically be saved to your contact list in the sales software. Without having to do anything, you can start tracking the customer from minute zero.

Improve communication with customers

With Witei you can send emails and know if the client has read it thanks to the double check. They detect interested customers faster.

You can also automate a series of emails so that they are sent whenever you want. They will be paving the way to earn a sales opportunity. Automated emails are called: drip emails.

Herramienta de conversación para ventas

Increase the probability of sale with greater customer follow-up

Do not lose detail of what happens with each potential client. You can keep track from the same file and see at the moment all the history of activities you have done and the topics you have discussed.

You can also see the sales opportunities for each lead. Witei shows you in the file, all the products that you have that could interest you based on the interests they have.

Communication will be easier and you will be able to empathize more with each client, increasing the chances of sale.

Measure work and keep growing

Set monthly goals to meet. Measure work, analyze and keep improving.

Your sales team will improve their productivity.

Get the most out of your day

Organize your day in an orderly way to get maximum productivity. With Witei, no tasks will overlap and you will have daily reminders and notifications of all the tasks you have to do.

These are the 7 reasons for your team to use Witei sales software: