Improve customer satisfaction

With the Witei incident manager solving customer problems will be very easy

Your clients need you

Customers often contact you with problems: they are missing a document, the order has not arrived or it has arrived wrong, this month their invoice is higher than in previous months, you want to change your plan …

With the Witei incident manager, which you can find in the CRM itself, you can manage all the problems with tickets.

I explain:

Each problem that comes to you, you escalate it to a ticket, in which you explain what the client has told you. You put a priority, a status and in case it is necessary you can assign it to another person.

All problems organized

In each client file you will be able to see all the tickets that have been created and managed. This way you will always know who you are talking to.

Although you can also see a list with all the tickets created historically with all customers. List that you can filter by:

Responsible for the ticket
Ticket status
The satisfaction achieved by the client
Creation date

With these filters you can better organize problems without forgetting any.

You will be more agile

Within each ticket you will have two options:

Internal notes: used to talk between colleagues in case there are doubts
Public comment: they are used to speak directly with the client. Once you make a public comment, an email arrives.

Thanks to this, you will be able to manage the problem from a single place and with all the customer’s information in front of you.

Which will speed up the problem solving process a lot.

dar soporte en cualquier lugar

Give support wherever you are

By having all the information in one place and by being Witei responsive, you can continue to help customers wherever you are.

The tool your team needs

Witei is an incident manager designed for support teams. Everything they need can be found in a single interface based on a ticket system.

They will be able to see the customer’s history, all the conversations that have been held, their information … Everything within the reach of the team to give the best possible service.

Success story: Easy Tupper

Tupper Fácil is a food delivery company that is currently using the Witei incident manager. They tell us how they solved a problem they recently had. for "A client wrote us on a Saturday afternoon saying that the order he had ordered had not arrived. The email reached customer service who quickly escalated it to a ticket and assigned it to the person in charge who is in charge of all the logistics. . The person in charge saw it, investigated it and an hour later informed the customer service person that the order had not been received by the customer because it did not reach the delivery men on time. Once the problem was known, the customer service team could see, through the customer's file, that he was a regular person to place orders, so they told the customer that for the next time they would give him the shipping data. In addition, we would deliver your order the next day at the time you tell us. All this was communicated to the client. He told us that we had been very attentive and quick with the solution and that he was very happy with us. He gave us a rating of 4.5 out of 5 "
Thanks to Witei we were able to manage everything in the same day.

buenas relaciones con los clientes

Good customer relationships start here

Start today to improve your customer satisfaction.

You will only need our CRM, which you can start using for free.