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It is not necessary to have knowledge of web development or design, everything is prepared for non-technical people.

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You have a domain and 10 email accounts included with your website.

Choose your design

Choose the design that you like the most, and make the most of it to differentiate yourself.


With your logo, color, photos and your descriptions in up to 10 different languages.

webs inmobiliaria


Complement your website with all the extensions that we offer you.

Domain and email accounts

Create a good unified brand image to demonstrate professionalism.

webs inmobiliarias

Elige el diseño que más te guste


We have these designs as a base, but you can customize it as much as you want. Your website can be very different from your competition, you just have to put a little love on it.

You can customize it by modifying various visual elements: images, texts, sections, highlights, blog, chat and much more. Make all the changes you need and whenever you want. Make all the changes you need and whenever you want.


Customize your website in an easy and simple way. You have up to 10 languages ​​so you can reach all your customers wherever they are.

– Pick a good cover photo.

– Create sections in your menu.

– Add a blog to generate more traffic to your website.

– Highlight the properties you want to promote.

– Incorporates a contact form (chat, WhatsApp).

– Show places near the property of interest.

– Create a section with the members of the real estate

– Add a form to capture properties..

webs inmobiliarias
webs inmobiliaria

100% adaptable

Web adapted to all devices. 60% of searches are from mobile.

SEO en la web inmobiliaria


Your website is optimized for search engine positioning.

web inmobiliaria intuitiva


You will not need the help of any computer scientist to personalize your website.

SSL web inmobiliaia


It has the SSL certificate so that your website is secure.

mensajes web inmobiliaria

Multi language

Up to 10 languages ​​to translate your website. You will only have to translate your texts.

dominio web inmobiliaia


With your website you have a totally new domain included.

soporte web inmobiliaria


Whenever you need it, you will have our support team.

email web inmobiliaria


You have 10 email accounts with 8GB each with your domain.

Connect your social networks

To get more visibility, connect your social networks to your website. In this way, you will encourage your customers to share your ads.

A good idea is to connect your whatsapp so that your clients can contact you in this way. It will help you answer them in record time.

conecta tus redes sociales con las webs de witei
servicio de atención al cliente con las webs de Witei

Give the best customer service with the chat on your website

Still don’t have a chat on your website with which you can talk to your customers? Chat is the fastest, most comfortable and easiest way to talk to your website visitors.

Thanks to this, you will be able to attract more clients since you will provide a faster and more personalized service for each of them. Chat in real time from your website and close more deals.

Have control of what happens on your website

We know how important your website traffic analysis and marketing and monitoring tools are. That is why you can connect both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to know everything that happens on your website.

webs inmobiliarias

Visita virtual

Improve the experience of your customers and accelerate the sales process by making remote visits at any time.


Expand your services

The latest technology in virtual visits to properties directly on your website. We work hand in hand with the main companies in the sector so that your page can offer this next-generation service to your clients.

Remote visit

Thanks to this service that you will offer, everyone can feel as if they were visiting the property while sitting quietly on the sofa at home or in the comfortable chairs of your real estate.

Dominate the market

Thanks to this service that you will offer, everyone can feel as if they were visiting the property. Of course, with them the sensation of immersion will be total and you will be on everyone’s lips for being up-to-date in the technology used by your real estate.

Monthly rate € 25 / month + VAT

The web application is independent from the rest of the applications. It does not require that you have the Witei CRM installed. On the other hand, if you already have the Witei CRM, your website will be 100% synchronized with the CRM.

Enjoy all these services that it includes and create the website you deserve!