Visualize the most important

data of your business

with the Witei dashboard

About the project


We have been working tirelessly for more than a year to offer the best possible experience to our users. We have started little by little by reviewing critical Witei interfaces and it was finally time to do a good redesign of the Dashboard.

Our goal is to make it the most used view and the starting point for users. In it we will show the most relevant information so that the user knows where to focus.

Design thought of the person

It is the creative process of finding solutions that starts with people
for which that solution is designed.
When all team members listen and understand those they want to reach and it is designed from their point of view, not only do we get unexpected answers, but also ideas that are sure to be well received by the users who receive it. a product with which they feel identified.



Customer feedback

At Witei we work with a tool that allows us to collect feedback from users. When a user talks to the customer success team, our team picks up the suggestion in Canny and the user is invited to vote for it and comment on it if they want to contribute something else.

We tag all the suggestions related to the Dashboard, and we interact with the users to understand in more detail what their suggestions are.

Interview with colleagues

After analyzing all the feedback provided by our users, we prepared an internal survey for Witei members, where colleagues from customer success, sales, marketing and even human talent participated.

The results collected were very interesting because we have a sample of users with a very deep knowledge of the tool and others with less. This helped us see different points of view, and come up with fresh ideas.


We already had enough ideas thanks to the research, but before starting to work, we had to do a complete analysis of the products of direct and indirect competition, it helped us understand the current standards in the market and see what information they were showing in the respective dashboards.
Conclusion: After doing an exhaustive analysis of everything that we had found, we decided that this was not what we were looking for or what our users were asking for. Most of the dashboards that CRM has are based on metrics and analysis, many graphs with figures and colors, but we wanted something different, but we still did not know what.



We decided to do a small workshop and use design thinking methodologies to find the best solution.

– User Person
– Interface analysis
– Devise

User person

User persona are fictitious users that we have created based on studies we have done on the different users who use our product. Creating these user persona helps us understand their needs, their user experience, their behavior and their goals.

Interface analysis

To identify which information could be most important to the user, we list all the interfaces that are in Witei. Once they were placed on individual post its, we began to discuss what could be shown with each of them and the most relevant ones were voted on.



Once the information that we wanted to show on the dashboard was detected, we began to make a conceptual map, to structure what information each module will have and what priority they will have.


User interface

We started designing with mobile first in mind. Our users will enter this interface from any device.


We have condensed the largest amount of information relevant to our user’s day-to-day life in a modular dashboard. Each module shows a minimum of information with the most urgent and has a direct link to the complete list.

Sales funnel

It is a very powerful tool that we offer. That is why we have dedicated a module in the Dashboard so that they do not lose focus of stagnant clients.

We also have an empty state, for those users who do not know it with a CTA that leads them to create their first funnel.



From the dashboard, the user can see all the tasks that are planned for today and those that are pending, in this way nothing escapes them.

You can mark as done the ones you have already done and enter the list to see all of them.

We reinforce with positive feedback when you have done all of them.


Show all conversations that the customer has open. And those that are pending to answer

Drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are created once and already work on their own, but it’s easy to forget about them because it’s not something you look at every day. That is why we have added a simple list, so that you always have them controlled, both those that are active and those that are inactive, in case you want to activate them again.