How to create a sales speech
that helps you sell more

“I thought he was a bad salesman. I thought he was not good at selling! But over time I discovered that selling is part of the interaction we have with the human being, that it is not bad, that it is part of society and people offering what we have to help. That is the key word: helping. Because I like to help people. I like to pass on my knowledge so that they achieve their best potential. “

First of all ... What is a sales speech?

The way you talk to potential clients makes the difference between yes and no.

You want to maximize the times they say yes. That is why you have to rely on a sales speech. It will help you communicate with the potential client.

Speech is a word that comes from English and means speech. In some cases it is a speech that is followed “strictly” but in the vast majority of cases it serves as a guide and support in a sale.

aumenta las ventas con un buen speech de ventas

Witei es un CRM en el que podrás gestionar toda tu información. Lleva el control de lo que ocurre con cada cliente y gana más oportunidades. Puedes ver más información aquí.

Advantages of using a sales speech

  1. All the people on the sales team will speak equally to the potential customer. So you don’t have to worry about what each one is saying independently.
  2. You get the whole team talking with the same technicalities. For example, if you are selling a database in which your client can organize all their information, you may still be interested in having the client say that it is a “solution to organize their work” rather than using the word “database. “. Another very clear example is Apple. At Apple they don’t use the word phone or mobile, they use Iphone.
  3. You transmit a homogeneous image of doors out of the business and enhance your branding. It is important that clients have the same image and idea of ​​who you are and what you do.

How to make a good sales speech

1. Know your product better than yourself.

This point I would say is the most important. Knowing your product is the basis for a good sale. You have to know how it works, what benefits it has, how it can help your potential clients. The more you know about your product, the easier it will be to fight the objections and therefore it will be easier to sell.

conoce mejor al potencial cliente que a ti mismo para vender más en tu speech de ventas

2. Get to know the competition as well as your product

When you talk to customers many times they will tell you about the competition. If you know them, you will be able to attack more the weak points they have, adding more value to your product. Of course, never without directly attacking the competition, or speaking ill of them. In fact, as a recommendation, it is better that you do not mention them, but that at the moment in which it is mentioned in the conversation you know where to channel the conversation to highlight those strengths that your product has.

So that you don’t forget, make a comparison chart with your competition: what products they sell, how they do it, their strengths and weaknesses … So you can always use that document and you won’t forget anything.

Para que no se te olvide haz un cuadro comparativo con tu competencia: qué productos venden, cómo lo hacen, sus puntos fuertes y débiles… Así siempre podrás recurrir a ese documento y no se te olvidará nada.

3. Know what your client is like

To sell better, you have to know your customers very well: how they work, what they use to work, what they like, what their hobbies are, what their hours tend to be … The more you know about them, the more you can empathize.

Getting to know customers takes time and involves talking a lot with them. It is a knowledge that you will expand with each call.

Conocer a los clientes lleva tiempo e implica estar hablando mucho con ellos. Es un conocimiento que iras ampliando con cada llamada. 

4. Save all the information in one place

Saving all the information of your customers is essential if you want to keep track of all the sales you make.

With the Witei CRM you can have all your clients saved with all their information: contact information, activities, documents, interests, the last time you called …

You can leave internal notes with the comments that they leave you in the calls. So the next time you contact him, you can know the last thing you talked about. You will also be able to see all the activity history to know all the tasks that have been carried out.

By saving everything in Witei you will not lose any information and each time a client contacts you you will be able to see all their information in a matter of seconds.

lista de contacto del CRM de Witei

In addition, you will have the conversations tool with which you can write emails directly to your customers. The advantages are that you can see all the customer information. And you will also have the double check with which you can see if you have read the email or not. Very valuable information to know how to continue with communications.

herramienta de conversaciones de Witei

5. Introduce yourself

At the beginning in a sales speech you have to introduce yourself. Until you say who you are, the client will not listen to you. It is a psychological barrier that you have to break.

If you already know him, put him in context and tell him what you talked about in the last call or meeting.

Finally tell him how you got his contact. Be honest and you will earn their trust.

6. Take charge of the conversation

Who has to take the reins of the conversation is you. Your goal is to push the customer to get the yes or no. To do this, never end a conversation without an action.

  • Ask for his email: this is important because this way you can send him all the information by email and remind him of everything you have talked about in the conversation. You also have another email to use in your email marketing campaigns. And it also helps you to follow up (follow-up) in case it is difficult for you to locate him by phone once the first contact is made. (happens very often)
  • Meet him another day: get him to reserve a space for the next call.

7. Prepare very well for objections

In your sales speech there must be a part focused on objections. That is, to all the buts or “no’s” that potential customers give you.

Think that an objection is really a fear that person has. If you know how to remove that fear, you will be closer to yes.

Each time you call more and more and meet your potential clients, you will know what the most common objections are. For example, some of the ones that I find the most are:

  • It is very expensive.
  • I do not need it.
  • This is not the time now.
  • I don’t trust products that are in the cloud.

Write down all the objections and prepare the best response to that objection.

Is it important to sell via cold call?

We like it more or less, it is important.

You may be thinking that through emails or social networks you can also sell and I do not take your reason. But it is a process that has a lower success rate and takes longer to work and cultivate new leads.

For now, nothing beats the human touch that gives you talking to a person from you to you. You convey more confidence, you empathize and you can personalize communication much more.

Of course, not everything will be easy. To make cold calls you have to be: patient, proactive, enthusiastic and have a well prepared speech. Nothing to improvise.

AIDA method

A classic, the AIDA method

The sales speech in the vast majority of the time, follows the AIDA method.

Attention, interest, desire and action.

There are 4 stages that a potential customer goes through before buying something.

Your goal in attracting customers is to guide all potential customers through this funnel until the sale is closed.

Attention, interest, desire and action

Attention: we live in a time when we are saturated with offers, advertisements, and information that saturate us day after day. At this stage, the important thing is to make the person notice you and not others.

How to get that? Knowing the motivation for the purchase of the person. Understanding well what your ideal buyer needs and how your service can help them. If you know your audience well, reaching them will be easier. What do you have that others don’t?

Interest: Once you attract attention, you have to generate interest. To do this, your best weapon is to empathize. Show the person that you understand him, you know what his need is and that you want to help him.

I wish: to offer you solutions to your problems. Show him how you are going to help him solve his need. Create an irresistible offer for it.

Action: you already have him in the boat. It’s time to finish falling in love with him so that he becomes a customer. It is time to take the final step. It is up to you to finish pushing the customer to the sale.

Create your own funnels

The AIDA method is one of many methods out there. At Witei you can create your custom funnels to keep track of customers.

You can create stages and name them whatever you want. One funnel that you can create is that of the AIDA method. For example:

  • The first stage is Attention: in it you will include all the potential clients that you have contacted for the first time and have managed to leave them an email with all the information.
  • Interest: to all the clients who have seen the email and are asking you questions.
  • Wish: For those who are already clear that they want to make the purchase.
  • Action: When you finish the sale with the customer.

But if you already have your way of working, you can add your own sales stages, for example in Witei we use the stages of: Lead, contact with the manager, qualified lead and registration.

embudo de ventas del crm de witei

Call, call and call

A sales speech is working every day. There is no formula for success to make the best speech.

What is certain is that as you are contacting potential clients and you understand how they think, how they act and what needs they usually have, you will be able to improve the speech until you find the one with the highest success rate.

Now it’s your turn, start calling and don’t forget to save all the data of the potential customers in your CRM.