How can you scale your business?

To grow a business you need the right tools to be able to control all processes well and not miss anything. Good organization and use of information will help you scale.

Organized information

As you grow, you have a greater volume of information: contacts, clients, products …

You are also having a tighter schedule.

Taking care of the information and working with it will make the difference to scale a business. To do this, you need a solution that helps you manage your business.

información organizada para escalar un negocio
tener un CRM para escalar el negocio

Your best ally, a CRM

With a CRM like the one from Witei, you can have all the information stored in the same place.

You will have your information organized and in the cloud.

Any information you need can be found in just a few clicks. What will streamline your work day after day.

You can work wherever you want and from any device.

You will become more professional

Many times, you rely on tools like WhatsApp or Excel to work. But in the end you end up with disorganized information.

You don’t know which client you are talking to and many times there is so much information in an excel that it is difficult to find what you are looking for.

With a CRM, this does not happen. You can find in a matter of a few clicks all the information you need.

You will work with client files to know who is interested in and what contact you have previously had.

You can also keep track of the products you have.

In addition, you can make filters to get lists of information with similar characteristics.

For example: all clients who have contacted me in the last month.

ser profesional en un negocio
mejora la gestión interna de tu negocio

Improve internal management

To scale your business it is not only necessary to have a good deal with the client. It is also important to keep track and control everything that happens.

With Witei you will be able to leave internal notes, keep your own personal agenda, view performance reports and manage incidents.


By having all the information in the same place, there is no need to duplicate it.

All team members can work with it and see the same information that their partner would see.

Although you can also give visibility permissions to limit what information each colleague can see.

trabajo en equipo
base de datos clientes responsive

Get to know your audience better

You need to know what your customers are interested in, what incidents they have had. Its history of activities.

All this will give you the necessary knowledge to know how to continue improving and making more personalized strategies. For example: email or drip campaigns focused on a group of contacts that have the same characteristics.

Measure and grow

Measuring everything that happens in your business is important to keep improving.

In Witei you can set goals for your colleagues, see metrics of the tasks performed, analysis of email and drip campaigns.

Seeing all this data will give you the knowledge to know where to keep improving.

Steps to scale your business

1. Have all the information in one place, in the cloud and with access from any device.

3. Know well what your customers are like. Give a quick response to incidents or when they contact you.

2- Have a website that is connected to the CRM and can collect information.

4. Measure everything that is done to continue improving marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

una buena comuniación mejora la satisfacción del cliente

Communicate with your customers

Another key to scaling a business is having good communication with customers.

It no longer only focuses on the internal management of information, but on the treatment and satisfaction you can get from each contact.

Sometimes we lose emails or we have different platforms from which they contact us.

Centralize your communications with Witei. You can do your email, SMS campaigns. Open a conversation with your customers as if it were email and manage all incidents with the ticketing system.

You also have the advantage that you have all the information you need at hand to provide the best service.

Start scaling your business today with Witei

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