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Getting started is easy
  • It includes:
  • 1 Interconnections active
  • 25 properties
  • 50 Offers
  • Cadastre: unlimited
  • 1 Workspaces
  • 10 Appraisals / Month
  • 1 Developments
  • 10 Visit Rating / Month
  • Improve Photos / Month: 50
  • Active Portfolio: No
  • Client Area: No
  • Vacational: No
  • Chat web


For real estates with a great future
  • Its includes
  • 10 Interconnections active
  • 250 properties
  • Vacational: Yes
  • 100 offers
  • Client Area: Yes
  • Catastre: Unlimited
  • Workspaces: unlimited
  • 50 Appraisals / Month
  • Improve Photos / Month: 500
  • 3 Developments
  • 300 Visit Rating / Month
  • Active Portfolio: No
  • Chat web


To go one step further
  • Its includes
  • 20 Interconnections active
  • 5.000 properties
  • Vacational: Yes
  • 1.000 offers
  • Active portfolio: Yes
  • Client Area: Yes
  • Catastre: unlimited
  • Workspaces: unlimited
  • 500 Appraisals / Month
  • 5.000 improve photos / month
  • 10 Developments
  • 3.000 Visit Rating / Month
  • Improve Photos: Unlimited
  • Chat web


Para los que no se ponen limites
Desde 65
  • It includes
  • Interconnections: unlimited
  • Properties: 10.000 (+5€ / 10.000 extra)
  • Developements: 10 (+5€ / 20 extra)
  • Improve photos 20.000 (+5€ / 5.000extra)
  • Offers: Unlimited
  • Available Active Portfolio
  • Available Client Area
  • Cataste: Unlimited
  • Workspaces: Unlimited
  • Appraisals: Unlimited
  • Visit Rarting: Unlimitted
  • Chat web

* Indirect taxes not included

* Rates applicable from January 1, 2021

* rates subject to variation, consult specific conditions with our team

Frequent questions

No, there is no installation cost. There is also no cost to unsubscribe, nor any hidden extra costs. You can see all the prices we offer in the different plans.

Cancel your account at any time from the billing area of ​​your account. After canceling, you will be able to continue using your plan until the end of the current billing period.

Once you hire Witei you can start using all the tools that are included in the plan at the moment. No waiting.

The receipt arrives at the moment of making the payment. That is, you pay in advance. For example, if you contract Witei on November 1, the next invoice would be due on December 2.

No. You can see all the prices in each corresponding package.

You can choose between two payment methods: credit card or direct debit.

We accept all major credit cards including: VISA, Mastercad, Unionplay, Discover.

Paypal is not accepted as a payment method.

You can change the payment method at any time. For example, if you start by choosing direct debit and the second month you want to change it to a credit card, you can do it without any problem 🙂

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan whenever you want from your account settings.

With Witei I save a lot of time managing clients and homes. Now if I have time to capture more throughout the day

Paula Rodriguez

Agente inmobiliario

Being able to publish in several portals at the same time with a single click saves us a lot of time. In addition, we can manage everything we need from Witei.

Luis Álvarez

Gerente inmobiliaria

What to say... since we have Witei we have improved our productivity. It is an indispensable tool for working.

Fernando León

Agente inmobiliario

Constant updates

We frequently update our tools and release new ones. Many of which are requests from our clients

Content for your business

We constantly create content that will help you get the most out of Witei's tools. We make articles, videos and courses focused on teaching you how to boost your business.