Digital business: 7 keys to success

1. Be clear about the product

First of all, the first thing you have to do is choose the product or service you want to sell.

For this it is important that you do a preliminary study. Market research involves studying the competition. Analyze what they do and how they do it.

Once you know what your competition will be, you have to define what you can do better than them. What will be your value proposition that differentiates you.

Tener claro un producto para seguir creciendo como negocio digital

2. Define budget and expenses

At the beginning of everything you have to choose a budget, the best way to decide it is by researching and writing down everything you think you will need to be able to build your business. For example:

  • A web page and a CRM with which to organize the information
  • Ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Production cost
  • Personnel cost if you are going to work with someone else
  • If you are going to work outside the home, in a coworking, for example.

Doing this exercise will make it easier to define a budget and adjust it each month based on the sales you have.

Manage all your information from a single place with the Witei CRM. Do not lose detail of everything that happens with your business and work with the tools that will make you get more clients.

2. Personalized website

For a digital business it is very important to have a website.

The web will be your showcase and the medium through which your future clients will meet you.

Must be:

  • Responsive: 60% of visitors will enter from a mobile
  • Secure: having a SSL certificate will allow you to have all the information of your visitor: passwords, data… encrypted and secure so that no malicious attack occurs. You can see more information about what SSL is here. 
  • Easy to use: the more time the visitor spends on your website, the better for your positioning. Make your website clear and easy to read. Help the user to find what he is looking for. For example, you can put an appointment booking calendar online so that they can book you directly from your website.
tener una web para tu negocio digital

To get more traffic on your website you have to invest in:

  • Content Marketing: Write articles based on the keywords your potential customers are looking for the most.
  • SEO: improving SEO will improve the authority of your website. The more authority, the more possibilities you have to better position your content. Content that sells your services.
  • Paid marketing campaigns: ads on Google, Facebook, Intagram … Invest in platforms where your customers are.
  • Linkbuilding: get other pages to link you. This will also help you improve the authority of your website.

3. The CRM, your best ally

The CRM will be one of your main tools with which to manage your business. With a CRM you will have:

  • All your information in one place.
  • All the information in the cloud so that you can access it from any device.
  • Your entire team will be able to work from the same platform. You will keep track of their work better and they will also have tools to facilitate and help them with their work.

We are going to see other reasons why a CRM will be your best ally.

You will improve customer follow-up

We already know that customers are the foundation of any business. The more clients you can invoice.

With Witei you will have a file for each client with all the necessary information so that you can get to know them better and continue to improve your sales strategies.

Through the contact sheets, to start you will know at a glance what stage you are in. You know that if the client, for example, has just purchased a product or service, they will receive a different communication than if they are a client who has been with you for 5 years.

embudo de ventas del crm de witei

You can also manage and see all the possible incidents you have with each client.

Incidents, in Witei, are managed with the ticketing system. Each problem is escalated to a ticket which can be assigned to the person who is responsible for helping the customer.

Incident management will be more agile and you will improve customer satisfaction.

You can learn more about the incident manager here.

You will always have the contact information at hand. You can see his phone and contact him. You will be able to see the mail and write to him directly from the Witei conversations tool. With the conversations tool you will be able to manage all your communications in a more organized way, removing the noise of the mail.

Finally, look at the entire history of the client’s activities along with their private notes. The next time you have to contact the client, you will know what is the best way to do it.

Carry out marketing strategies

To grow your business, as I mentioned above, you have to invest in both paid and content marketing.

One of the most effective means to promote your content with email campaigns.

With email campaigns you can nurture leads and get more customers.

You can also see the results of each campaign. With the results you can continue improving each campaign. Improve CTR to get more customers.

recordatorio de tareas para que no se te olvide hacer nada en tu equipo de marketing

Witei reminds you of your tasks

With the main dashboard you will know everything you have to do day after day so that you do not forget anything.

See the tasks you have to do, the calls and pending conversations …

I summarize in 7 points what you need to make your digital business work