How to have a customer database?

Manage all your contacts, their history and work with them actively with Witei

All your contacts in one place

The key to good business management is to have all your contacts stored and organized in a database.

With Witei, it doesn’t matter how loud you are. You can manage it without problem.

base de datos de clientes
ficha ciente en base de datos

Do not miss anything that happens with each client

Knowing what is happening with each client will give you the tools to provide a better service and continue to improve your strategies.

See all the calls, messages, emails, incidents and tasks that you have with each contact. You will be in control of everything that happens in your business.

Work by customer group

With Witei you can create segments. That is, make lists with clients that share the same characteristics.

For example: clients that I had contact with last month.

With the segments you can make more personalized strategies according to interests. You may want to send them a drip email campaign. Or analyze a specific group of customers.

segmento d eclientes
base de datos clientes responsive

Wherever you are, you can always consult your database

Witei is responsive. you can see it on any device.

This way you can continue working with your customer database whenever you need it.

drip marketing

Give permission to your colleagues

Each colleague in your business can have access with the permissions you want to give them.

You can decide on the edition, visibility and creation of each contact within Witei.

So each member can see only the information you want them to see.

Generate a list in Excel form

Witei is responsive and all the information can be managed in the cloud. Although if you wish, you can generate an excel with the information you need. There is not limit.

base de datos de clientes
seguridad en una base de datos de clientes


Usamos diferentes técnicas para que toda tu información esté segura. 

You can see everything we use here.

Advantages of having a database

To summarize, the advantages of having a database are:

  • Organization of information.
  • All contacts will be unified in one place.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Segment contacts for further analysis or marketing strategies.
  • Security of the information.
  • Each member of your team may have different viewing permissions
base de clientes